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According to MAL, it looks like Itami is a guy character. And an otaku.
I didn't watch the anime, but apparently in it the character Itami hums/sings a song from an anime to herself, and the "real" version of that song is on this CD, sung by Momoi. (Momoi doesn't voice any character on the show as far as I can see.)

So, another "anime within an anime" deal, like with both Genshiken and Yowamushi Pedal ;) (Ok, Yowamushi Pedal was a play... :P)

One of my friends said this show is really good so maybe I should check it out!
It's not Steins;Gate, it's a new show for the Summer 2015 season. http://myanimelist.net/anime/28907/Gate:_Jieitai_Kanochi_nite_Kaku_Tatakaeri

Looks like it's a compilation of the coupling songs that came on the ED CD singles (the 3 main characters all apparently all have CD singles for the ED song), but with a different arrangement.

As how this is related to Momoi, there is apparently a character named Itami that does a song in the middle of the show and she's doing a version of the song. Someone with some actual Japanese skills could probably clarify that part.

Official anime site's music page: http://gate-anime.com/music/index.html
New notice from CDJapan.


I'm not up on Stein's Gate, (assuming that's where "Gate" comes from...) can anyone tell me a bit more about this CD?
Momoist Lounge / Re: Photo Collection
« Last post by momoken on 2015-07-06, 12:37:25 »
She said to create new album in bus tour,which may release end of this year. :D
Momoist Lounge / Re: Photo Collection
« Last post by mandi on 2015-07-01, 06:38:52 »
thanks for the lovely pics ;D
Momoist Lounge / Photo Collection
« Last post by momoken on 2015-07-01, 04:12:58 »
I took photos of momo-i in Ichigo Go!Go! bus tour and Toramatsuri 2015.
Check it out!

Anison USA was amazing, I enjoyed it very much!
All of the Music Artists/Bands did amazing jobs with entertaining the crowd, little bit of everything from everyone.

I did see some of you guys at the concert from when I attended Momo-i-Night in Las Vegas, i was too shy to walk up and say hi.
Good to see you guys having fun!

Thank you for the Set List of Momoi Halko, some of the names of the songs I could not remember and did not realize she sang 11 songs!
The time went by so fast once Momoi got on the stage. It was a good night!

Thank you Tenton for checking for the photo, Greatly appreciated!!!
Understandable being busy and everything, I am in no hurry to receive it, just take your time, it's all good :)

P.s : Tenton, not sure if you remember or not, but back during the Momo-i-Night in Las Vegas, you took a Group Photo of Everyone at the end of the night, Momoi was in the pic as well. you had put the link in a message but that link no longer works, and somehow the pic got deleted off my computer within the past 2 years. If you still have that pic, would there be a chance you can resend it to me in a message or e-mail? Greatly appreciated :)

I do remember you back then. Sorry, I've been a little busy being a hotelier and taxi service this weekend. I'll check my archives, I should have a copy of the photo.
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