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Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ Anison USA Feb 20-21, 2016 Los Angeles, CA USA
« Last post by Nekorin on 2015-11-27, 06:46:31 »
Not thrilled about it being in a dangerous area, but I like that it's not smack dab in the middle of finals this time. Hopefully I can make it!
Halko Library / Re: Stay Gold
« Last post by Nekorin on 2015-11-27, 06:43:29 »
Kite was my favorite from the album. Two of the songs were previously on a single that I picked up at her Anison concert, Live a Happy Life.
Momoist Lounge / Momoi on Anige Eleven
« Last post by tenton on 2015-11-04, 22:48:53 »
Momoi was a guest on Anige Eleven, a anime, game, otaku info entertainment show. It's being streamed for free on Daisuki.net (free account sign up) for a couple of weeks (they apparently only stream Anige Eleven episodes for a couple of weeks). It's subtitled in English.


You might need to turn off your ad blocker if you watch on your computer. There's also an app for iOS and Android, but you need to sign up your account before you can use the app. Also make sure to confirm your sign up; the account will cancel if you don't confirm within 24 hours.
Event Stage / Momoi @ Anison USA Feb 20-21, 2016 Los Angeles, CA USA
« Last post by tenton on 2015-10-22, 08:19:16 »
Gee, I wonder who that is.

Nozomi is already a guest. Might as well have announced Momoi at that point. :P

The venue listed is the Bootleg Theater. Not the safest neighborhoods in the SoCal area, though the area is slowly being gentrified. Just...I wouldn't recommend wandering too far away on foot. Especially at night. There's a parking lot across the street apparently (behind the church) and street parking nearby.

As for the location, reviews seem to indicate it's a repurposed warehouse with decent acoustics and a decent sound set up. Never been there myself; I try to avoid the Rampart District normally.  ;D

Edit: To the surprise of no one, Momoi was officially announced as a guest for Anison USA 2016. See y'all in February!

Note, there's also a VIP part on the Saturday (day before) at Desu Nation again. I assume Nozomi and Momoi will participate.
Momoist Lounge / New Komugi-chan Series "Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R"
« Last post by mandi on 2015-10-20, 13:08:05 »
Before you get your hopes up too much, the characters and cast are totally different ;)


Komugi - (CV: Kei Tomoe)
Kokona - (CV: Erii Yamazaki)
Tsukasa - (CV: Makoto Koichi)
Koharu - (CV: Haruko Momoi)

Story (brief summary)
Yoshida Komugi is a clumsy 2nd year middle schooler. She is an idol along with classmates Kokona and Tsukasa. Tsukasa cross dresses as a boy and is very popular, but Komugi isn't doing so well as an idol. She helps a weird creature called Usa P who gives her the power to transform into a "Magical Nurse"  and fight baddies. She also teams up with a "Magical Maid" and "Magical Sister." The story promises Komugi trying to balance her school life, idol activities, and magical girl battles, with cute characters, comedy, and tears (maybe), plus 3D CG live scenes.

Any Komugi-chan fans are probably feeling some kinda complicated opinions, half excited and half sad and half worried (that's too many halves ::) )

All we can do is wait until it starts airing in Jaunary 2016 and see!

BTW, please notice Momoi's role "Koharu" is probably supposed to be a pun on "Haruko" ;)
Momoist Lounge / Re: Photo Collection
« Last post by mandi on 2015-10-11, 19:37:00 »
very nice pics, i like when she's wearing the train conductor hat ;D
Halko Library / Re: Stay Gold
« Last post by mandi on 2015-10-11, 19:33:36 »
if people wanna hear previews, you can hear some from every track on the tokyo torico site:

i'm glad kaito (kite) will finally get put on a CD. (i think it's been 2 years since she first sang it?)

most of the songs will seem totally new unless you've been going to her concerts or watching her show on wallop. personally besides カイト i like ツキにむかって、うて! too.

she has several in-store events and concerts coming up to the promote the album..... all on weekdays :P sucks for those of us with weekday jobs! oh well!
Halko Library / Stay Gold
« Last post by Nekorin on 2015-10-09, 20:46:00 »
This forum was down when I got the cdjapan email some time ago, but is everyone hype for the upcoming album?
Halko Library / towel, CD, folder&photos and DVD in Global Shop
« Last post by EdOfNoName on 2015-08-25, 03:25:04 »
There are new goods in the Global Shop this month: "15th year of Summer" sports towel, "Majokko Tsukune-chan janai" CD, "Momo-i&NOZOMI" clear file folder & 5 Photos, and "ZIPANG! Concert at CLUB CITTA" DVD. (Previously there may have been an issue with using PayPal with the new website, but PayPal is working now.) http://global.rg-music.com/momoi/category/shop/
Oops, I guess I should watch the show huh! ;)
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