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on: 2015-11-04, 22:48:53 1 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Momoi on Anige Eleven

Momoi was a guest on Anige Eleven, a anime, game, otaku info entertainment show. It's being streamed for free on Daisuki.net (free account sign up) for a couple of weeks (they apparently only stream Anige Eleven episodes for a couple of weeks). It's subtitled in English.


You might need to turn off your ad blocker if you watch on your computer. There's also an app for iOS and Android, but you need to sign up your account before you can use the app. Also make sure to confirm your sign up; the account will cancel if you don't confirm within 24 hours.

on: 2015-10-22, 08:19:16 2 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Momoi @ Anison USA Feb 20-21, 2016 Los Angeles, CA USA

Gee, I wonder who that is.

Nozomi is already a guest. Might as well have announced Momoi at that point. :P

The venue listed is the Bootleg Theater. Not the safest neighborhoods in the SoCal area, though the area is slowly being gentrified. Just...I wouldn't recommend wandering too far away on foot. Especially at night. There's a parking lot across the street apparently (behind the church) and street parking nearby.

As for the location, reviews seem to indicate it's a repurposed warehouse with decent acoustics and a decent sound set up. Never been there myself; I try to avoid the Rampart District normally.  ;D

Edit: To the surprise of no one, Momoi was officially announced as a guest for Anison USA 2016. See y'all in February!

Note, there's also a VIP part on the Saturday (day before) at Desu Nation again. I assume Nozomi and Momoi will participate.

on: 2014-10-13, 22:31:26 3 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Momoi @ Anison USA Saturday, March 14, 2015 Pasadena, CA USA

Looks like Momoi is the Guest of Honor for an event next year.

Anison USA

They were handing out these flyers at the Miku event this last weekend. $25 to get in, apparently.

on: 2014-03-12, 06:32:58 4 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Momoi @ Idol Matsuri Jun 20-22 2014, Silverdale WA, USA

Just announced as an industry and musical guest at Idol Matsuri.

Silverdale is kind of near Seattle, though it's about an hour drive away, unless your car can float.

Their Twitter account, @idolmatsuri

Two Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IdolMatsuri/ and https://www.facebook.com/IdolMatsuri

Website is of course http://www.idolmatsuri.com

Edit: Schedule is up.

Friday (金):
10:00a-10:30a: Opening Ceremonies (Main Events)*
10:30a-11:30a: Halko Momoi Q&A (Main Events)
5:00p-6:30p: Halko Momoi Live in Concert (Main Events)

Saturday (土):
10:00a-11:30a: Halko Momoi Autographs (Panels 2/Autographs)
3:00p-4:30p: Halko Momoi: Handshake event (Panels 2/Autographs)
9:00p-10:30p: Photos with Halko Momoi (Photo booth and Karaoke)

Sunday (日):
1:30p-2:30p: Halko Momoi Autographs (Panels 2/Autographs)
4:30p-5:00p: Closing Ceremonies (Main Events)*

*Not officially announced that Momoi is taking part in Opening and/or Closing Ceremonies.

Edit: schedule changes

on: 2013-10-15, 05:27:44 5 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Momoi @ Anime Vegas Nov 1-3 2013 Las Vegas, USA

It's pretty dang obvious who Anime Vegas has as their Japanese guest this year. https://www.facebook.com/AnimeVegas

(for the Facebook Challenged: http://imgur.com/ZRZA522).

Not officially announced on their website yet, but, well, the cat's out of the bag, running down the street and getting into a fight with another cat.

Edit: And now it's on the Anime Vegas website. http://www.animevegas.com

Momoi specific schedule:

Friday (金) Nov 1:
*1300-1400 (Ballroom) Opening Ceremonies

Saturday (土) Nov 2:
1200-1300 (Rainbow Room) Panel
1300-1400 (Rainbow Room) Autographs
1730-1800 (Ballroom) Seating begins for Live (and also the cosplay masquerade, ugh).
1800-1900 (Ballroom) Live
1700-???? (Near Ballroom) Autographs and goods sale

Sunday (日) Nov 3:
*1300-1400 (Ballroom) Closing Ceremonies

*no guarantees Momoi will be at opening or closing ceremonies.

Hopefully that's helpful to those that are going and participating.

on: 2012-10-22, 16:27:29 6 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Momoi @ Ronin Music Festival Jan 23 2013 New Zealand


Who's going? Manzo and Ohmi Tomoe are going, too.

(It'd be pretty impossible for me to go)

on: 2011-06-10, 05:05:01 7 Halko Momoi / Halko Library / New Album 『昭和』

This tweet and this picture indicate a new full album coming out August 24, later this year. The pic shows a catalog number of DGAA-10004. Obviously from the title and the tweet, the concept centers around the Showa Era (1926- 1989), so take that what you will.

on: 2011-06-03, 03:24:51 8 General / General Lounge / AX 2011

With Fanime over and announcements starting to come in, I figured it's time for a AX 2011 topic. I'm going; tix already bought. Had to emergency buy Miku concert tix while I was up in NoCal, but I'm so glad I did it when I did, since they sold out soon afterwards...

Sawashiro Miyuki, Kurosaki Maon...line up is getting more awesome every day.

on: 2011-04-23, 01:49:55 9 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Momoi @ Fanime 2011 May 27-30th

I can't figure out what it is, but she keeps saying she's coming to San Jose in a month. Even tweeted about it.

I'd better look at ticket prices to Costa Rica, just in case.

(note, I'm being intentionally silly, for those whose sarcasm meters are broken.  ;D )

Friday (金):
Opening Ceremonies (?): Stage Zero 2p-3p

Saturday (土):
Panel: Panel Room 2 (Marriott Salon 3) 5p-6p
Autograph Session: 8:30p-9:30p

Sunday (日):
Concert: Ballroom J 4p-6p

Monday (月):
Panel: Panel Room 3 (Marriott Salon 4-6) 10a-11a
Autograph Session: 11:30a-12:30p

Don't know if she's going to OP Ceremonies.

Edit: Title
Edit 2: Put the schedule up here.

on: 2011-03-17, 14:35:02 10 Halko Momoi / Halko Library / がんばれ・・・それは、I Love You

Here's the next mysterious release.

CD Japan page
Amazon JP page

Planned release date is May 25th. What are the odds that this gets released on that day and comes out with that catalog title?  :P

Edit: Title

on: 2010-12-21, 16:59:41 11 Halko Momoi / Halko Library / 夜明けのサンバ (Yoake no Samba)

Again, from CD Japan's newsletter, a mystery 2 disc (CD+DVD) release: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=DGAS-10003

Coming soon in February, maybe. It's priced like an album, but the catalog number is like a single.

As usual, I wouldn't consider the release set in stone, given the history with CD Japan's listings, but something is probably coming.

(Topic Edit: release not so mysterious anymore  :P )

on: 2010-07-27, 00:19:53 12 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Momoi Halko Live Tour 2010 "初めてのライブハウスに行ってみた!"

Another year, another album, another tour. http://rg-music.com/momoi/news/livetour2010/

2010-10-02 (Sat) Niigata CLUB JUNK BOX
2010-10-03 (Sun) Koriyama CLUB♯9
2010-10-11 (Mon) Nagoya CLUB DIAMOND HALL
2010-10-15 (Fri) Oosaka umeda AKASO
2010-10-16 (Sat) Gifu club G

I'd love to go to one of these (or spend a week and hit the last 3  :P ), but I'm plum out of vacation days, among other things.

on: 2010-07-09, 14:52:36 13 Halko Momoi / Halko Library / Unknown Album

I'm sure a number of people got this, but here's some mystery album.


She did mention that she was working on an album for release later this year. I guess this is the solicitation for it.  ;D

(let's see if it gets canceled because someone jumped the gun or something).

on: 2010-02-16, 16:24:16 14 Halko Momoi / Halko Library / Momo-i Remixes Akihaba Love Vol.1

I got this alert from CD Japan. Coming at the end of April.

CD Japan link
Amazon JP link

According to Amazon JP's description, it will include:

Mail Me
Sunday early morning
Girls be ambitious!!

on: 2010-01-29, 16:12:19 15 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Momoi @ Honolulu Festival 2010 March 12-14

It's official, as it's now listed on Right Gauge's schedule.

She's going to be at the 16th Honolulu Festival. The official tour signups are officially over. People can, of course, hop a plane and see her perform there (it's a relatively short performance), of course.
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