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Title: Happy! Corona Blossom
Post by: mandi on 2016-08-31, 17:34:44
Just remembered no one had posted this yet.

Frontwing released their new game "Corona Blossom" on Steam, and Momoi sings the OP, "Happy! Corona Blossom"

Note: Adults only

Message video from Momoi & OP movie:

Steam page:

The soundtrack, including the OP, was distributed on itunes and other music download sites, but I think only in Japan?

You can still buy the OP & ED on Steam (but you must buy the game too.)

(There's currently no physical release of the OP.)

I found the song to be one of Momoi's better songs in recent years. I'd recommend checking it out! (Also the staff at FW is working pretty hard so it wouldn't hurt to check out the game too ;) )