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Title: New Komugi-chan Series "Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R"
Post by: mandi on 2015-10-20, 13:08:05
Before you get your hopes up too much, the characters and cast are totally different ;)


Komugi - (CV: Kei Tomoe)
Kokona - (CV: Erii Yamazaki)
Tsukasa - (CV: Makoto Koichi)
Koharu - (CV: Haruko Momoi)

Story (brief summary)
Yoshida Komugi is a clumsy 2nd year middle schooler. She is an idol along with classmates Kokona and Tsukasa. Tsukasa cross dresses as a boy and is very popular, but Komugi isn't doing so well as an idol. She helps a weird creature called Usa P who gives her the power to transform into a "Magical Nurse"  and fight baddies. She also teams up with a "Magical Maid" and "Magical Sister." The story promises Komugi trying to balance her school life, idol activities, and magical girl battles, with cute characters, comedy, and tears (maybe), plus 3D CG live scenes.

Any Komugi-chan fans are probably feeling some kinda complicated opinions, half excited and half sad and half worried (that's too many halves ::) )

All we can do is wait until it starts airing in Jaunary 2016 and see!

BTW, please notice Momoi's role "Koharu" is probably supposed to be a pun on "Haruko" ;)
Title: Re: New Komugi-chan Series "Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R"
Post by: Nekorin on 2015-11-27, 06:48:01
I wanted this for years, but I hoped the cast would be the same. Still, at least she's in it. And hopefully she'll also sing for it. I'll miss Koyori and Ikue Ohtani a lot...