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Author Topic: What You're Listening To  (Read 21909 times)

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« Reply #15 on: 2009-10-02, 01:33:21 »

The Guy/girl duo is actually pretty common in bubblegum dance :D Blue Monster, Venga Boys and lots others I'm sure... if you (or anyone!) is interested, this site provides just about anything you could wanna know about bubblegum dance... http://www.bubblegumdancer.com/index.htm

And I totally know what you mean ^ ^;; but my personal computer is on the fritz so I've been a bit music deprived D: I don't even have a CD player without it!

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I forget to think before I act...
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« Reply #16 on: 2009-10-23, 03:02:51 »

I picked up a ton of music CD's in Japan... last time I went, I bought a few hundred worth of games, this time it was mostly music. I regret not picking up the new Superfly CD, only the old one. Great music on it.

In the last week I'm listening to/watching the Superfly vids on YouTube, lots of songs from Glee, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Zee Avi, and Chibi Rari (another band we discovered randomly).
« Reply #17 on: 2010-03-09, 20:00:59 »

My top 20 on last.fm for past three months:

桃井はるこ, UNDER17, Shako-Pani, Amnjk, momo-i,
U, とろ美, ミドリ, GORESHIT, 香奈,
FTFX, Ganz Schmutzig, DIE!!DIE!!COLOR!!!, Sub-69, Hazel Nuts Chocolate,
RDC, DJ Sharpnel, Saori@destiny, 悪魔大根(小), DJきゃすぱー

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« Reply #18 on: 2010-03-10, 22:36:33 »

Good idea :D Here are my top 20 for the last 3 months:

1 桃井はるこ (Momoi Haruko)
2 とろ美 (Toromi)
3 ななひら (Nanahira)
4 田村ゆかり (Tamura Yukari)
5 Hazel Nuts Chocolate
7 miko
9 あゆ (Ayu)
10 Siestail
10 のみこ (Nomico)
13 花澤香菜 (Hanazawa Kana)
14 茶太 (Chata)
15 Kana (nico nico douga singer)
16 あおいろいど (Aoiruid)
17 Junior Senior
18 みりん☆ (Mirin)
19 melo9
20 DystopiaGround
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« Reply #19 on: 2010-03-10, 23:49:06 »

I just got my account, but last.fm imported my data from Winamp:

01. 石田燿子 (Ishida Yoko)
02. 林原めぐみ (Hayashibara Megumi)
03. 桃井はるこ (Momoi Haruko)
04. UNDER17
05. J.E.T.
06. 坂本真綾 (Sakamoto Maaya)
08. 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
09. 浜崎あゆみ (Hamasaki Ayumi)
10. 安室奈美恵 (Amuro Namie)
11. Perfume
12. savage genius
13. 広末涼子 (Hirosue Ryoko)
15. momo-i
16. ユンナ (Younha)
17. Flow
18. 中川翔子 (Nakagawa Shoko)
19. abingdon boys school
20. Speed
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Otaku no naka no Otaku, Otaking ni narimasu -- Otaku no Video, Gainax, 1992.
« Reply #20 on: 2010-11-04, 15:16:03 »

It's been already more than a year since I posted a video of 野中ひゆ singing さみしくないもん in other thread..
And now, ひゆ will release original songs done in collaboration with tsunamix. (release date: 20. November) Songs will be available via iTunes and viBirth.
You can listen to samples here:

so the songs were released yesterday. if you liked the samples you can buy them here:
or at iTunes:
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« Reply #21 on: 2011-03-08, 21:39:11 »

I bought another tsunamix collaboration singles today.. ^_^ ("双月彩 x tsunamix - Dear my precious" and "stomach patrol. x tsunamix - テトテト")
you can listen to samples here: http://www.tmx-unlimited.com/ (in discography section) or at viBirth or iTunes
and the 知らない空 single is finally available at iTunes too.. (野中ひゆ x tsunamix collaboration)
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« Reply #22 on: 2011-03-09, 15:56:35 »

Lately I have become a fan of Bouno!. It's one my guilty pleasures, because I know it's completely prefabricated, but I really like the rock/pop tune the print into their songs. The fever doesn't end with me, my wife and sister-in-law are really into Bouno! as well. They even know most of the steps for all of their songs and I really like to watch them dance the songs actually ^^

Otaku no naka no Otaku, Otaking ni narimasu -- Otaku no Video, Gainax, 1992.
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« Reply #23 on: 2011-03-10, 02:12:37 »

While I've kind of followed them before, ever since I saw them live twice here in SoCal, I've become a big fan of Chatmonchy. I'm a sucker for a good three piece rock band and they're a very good one.

They're releasing a new blu-ray soon about their US tour...I can't figure out if I want to show up on it or not.  ;D
« Reply #24 on: 2011-06-01, 11:16:50 »

Recently I bought Balance guide and other two CDs from stomach patrol. And although her CDs are not easy to buy, (BG is in "electronic" category, which means no overseas shipping) I'd say it's definitely worth it.. (Balance guide promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysYCODJrVLM)
She even surpassed momoi in my Last 7 days top at last.fm.. ^_^
« Reply #25 on: 2011-07-26, 16:13:29 »

野中ひゆ and tsunamix released a new single today! ^_^ It's called "life げーむ" and contains two new songs and instrumental versions of songs from previous single 知らない空.

Available at viBirth, previews here and here. ^^
« Reply #26 on: 2011-11-04, 12:49:04 »

my most listened song from:
(since 13 Apr 2007, when I started to use last.fm)


1) おかしなオンナノコ
2) くじびきアンバランス
3) 泳・げ・な・い
5) さみしくないもん


1) さみしくないもん (this is the new version from self cover album)
2) Break down, Break dance!
3) Galge
4) 1
5) バーチャリアンコはKoiのHana

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« Reply #27 on: 2011-11-15, 04:35:52 »

8BB76E1, haha...Glad I'm not the only person who listens to BITE excessively.  However, my most listened to Momoi song is, easily, Jien Otsu Song. 

Anyways, here's my current flavors of the month:

JPOP: Perfume, Sakanaction, The Aprils
English: Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, Electric Light Orchestra (rock on to whoever mentioned them earlier  ;D  )
Classical: Percy Grainger, Oliver Messiaen, John Adams

I'm getting a ton of good rec's from this thread.  Good stuff.
« Reply #28 on: 2011-11-15, 08:10:00 »

8BB76E1, haha...Glad I'm not the only person who listens to BITE excessively.
^__^ and that's only the original version.. I also listen quite a lot to that breakcore remix by amnjk from this CD, which is super-awesome too. ^^ but I don't know if it's still available, since the rcdrecords doesn't exist anymore. but the guy who used to run it is still active, so I guess it should be no problem to ask him.. ^^
« Reply #29 on: 2012-03-06, 22:02:57 »

This is a bit "extreme" music, but I have to recommend it. I actually tried to listen to this "group" few years ago, but I guess I didn't like their music back then.. last year I tried some other album from them and I liked it.. ^_^ a lot.. I'm talking about わたしのココ (aka Kesson Shoujo) who makes very specific vocaloid / noise music.. you can listen to some of their songs on youtube, for example わたしと歩いていると恥ずかしいの, (this one is "safe to try", without noise) ララのうた, Walk To Death, or this unlisted song.. I'd also recommend 品さだめ and おーまいだーうぃん, but those are not on youtube..

It is beautiful music, but it may take some time to get used to it.. ^_^

and be careful while listening to some other songs.. while they may start innocent, they can turn into a brutal flood of noise in a moment.. ^___^
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