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Messages - shinji

on: 2012-03-06, 03:34:10 16 Administration / Comment Box / Re: We definitely need a favicon

I was considering making a 4-character favicon that reads


but 桃 is good too. Any other opinions?

on: 2012-03-06, 03:31:52 17 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ AnimeBoston2012 April 6-8

Plane ticket and hotel reservation purchased. Will be arriving 4/5 and leaving early 4/9. Considering asking Boston if they can fit in a call workshop...

on: 2012-01-14, 20:20:50 18 Announcements / Notice Board / Re: Registration disabled

Re-enabled now. SMF has been upgraded and another security question has been added. Does this seem too hard?

What are the 6 letters in the upper right corner? (no spaces)

on: 2011-09-16, 05:14:22 19 General / Whiteboard / Re: yahoo

Just wanted to point out there's the "Wonder Momo-i Live tour Final Express" DVD available at yahoo for 9000 (or 9500 buy it now) This is the uncut version with Perfume. I know 9500 is still a lot of money, but I think it's acceptable, considering there's another auction with unopened version starting at 44000..
So if someone's interested: http://page2.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b122970893

Thanks for the tip :)

on: 2011-08-05, 06:25:17 20 General / General Lounge / Re: IRC Channel

I should have an IRCd up and running "soon"... it's a reorganization of a small existing IRC network, as we consolidate into a colo.

on: 2011-08-05, 06:23:23 21 General / Whiteboard / Re: czech fansite

Sorry for the late reply. The scan/lyrics requirement was just for if you wanted a subdomain of halkomomoi.com. If you're under your own domain, I have no issue. Good luck with your site! :)

on: 2011-07-28, 04:05:59 22 General / Whiteboard / Re: czech fansite

No problem at all, I'd love to have more people talking here. I don't mind a bit of chatter in other languages too, just as long as people keep in mind that the primary language is English since the most people here understand it.

Also, just in case you're interested, I can give you a subdomain of halkomomoi.com like cz.halkomomoi.com if you'd like to use it for your fansite. I dream of making halkomomoi.com international eventually, but I have this strange habit of procrastinating... The only requirement is that I want to keep things like non-thumbnail CD jacket images or Japanese lyrics off of the domain so we have more publicity options to attract more fans :D

on: 2010-06-20, 01:38:02 23 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ MOMO-I NIGHT FEST 2010 June 19

How about Dim Sum instead?  http://www.yelp.com/biz/changs-hong-kong-cuisine-las-vegas

It's near the Denny's.  95 reviews at an average of 4 stars.  The Denny's has 1 review at 4 star.  I'd say meeting at 11:30 would be fine.

If I don't see a reply I'll meet up at Denny's at 11 and we can decide there.

There will be buses near the Denny's at 1:07, 1:42, and 2:16 and it takes about 20 minutes to get there. I'm almost sure the ticket sales is at 3pm.  From the pictures, it looks like it's going to be basically standing room inside, so I guess even though the doors open at 5, we'll still need to wait for another hour inside.

I think we went there during Anime Vegas wwww
*pours tea on tomoyo*

on: 2010-06-18, 05:21:38 24 Halko Momoi / Halko Library / Re: Jienotsu Song 2 (tentative)

It really was tentative. I just got an email from Neowing...
Subject: Neowing発売中止のご連絡です
I wonder if it'll get re-announced.

on: 2010-06-10, 08:16:23 25 Halko Momoi / Halko Library / Jienotsu Song 2 (tentative)


Just got this notice in my inbox from Neowing, scheduled for a late August release. Reserved.

One year since the Legendary☆Jenotsu☆Song. An offering to K-1 WORLD MAX Japan victor Nagashima☆Jienotsu☆Yuuichirou, theme song #2!!

on: 2010-05-31, 22:14:53 26 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: m.m.m. Official Momoi Fanclub

That makes 22 m.m.m. members out of 84 forum members... I wonder if there were any more sign-ups at Fanime

on: 2010-05-30, 23:24:38 27 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ Fanime May 28th - May 31st 2010

Third live: can't remember the first song for some reason > Romantic Summer > LOVE.EXE (momo-i quality ver.)

Shooting Star

on: 2010-05-17, 21:20:40 28 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Pencil Live 2010

Momoi gives me a car image because of mini-4WD. KOTOKO gives me more of a bike image, especially after Short Circuit II's ↑青春ロケット↑ PV.

on: 2010-05-16, 07:36:07 29 Announcements / Notice Board / Main Website Renewal - Recruiting Voulenteers

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I last posted in here. I've been planning a website renewal for a while, but at the pace I'm going it will take a while until I can finish coding my dream CMS. ^^;

So... I'm going to use some other CMS (like Wordpress) and renew the main site. This is where I need help. My knowledge of Momoi is nowhere near the knowledge of some people here, let alone the entire forum combined. I also suck at design. In other words, I suck at user-facing content :) What I need first are:

* Writers - Introduction to Momoi, introductions to some of her more famous roles, etc. These will have to pass some unwritten standard of quality... *red pen*
* Designer - Create the website layout. Multiple submissions and feedback will of course be welcome. You don't need to code it, but you can if you want :)

The other big change about the website renewal is that there will be no more copyrighted content. I want to move towards something more easily acceptable by the industry. I hope to work with Right Gauge to find out what would be acceptable especially in the area of lyrics, but things like hi-res booklet scans and Japanese lyrics would be out.

Anyways, other people I will need in order of importance are:

* News writers - People like Mandi :)
* Summary writers - Her other roles, CDs, DVDs, anything else you can think of.

I'll still take summaries now, but the things listed earlier are most important. You can either be anonymous or credited for the things you do. I'll post things through me for now, but will add some other site administrators soon. Also, there's some other things I have in mind, but I want to keep a bit more control over them, assuming I can get permission to include them on the website.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or PM me, otherwise I'm looking forwards to your contributions!


on: 2010-05-12, 13:55:05 30 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: Live Nico Broadcasts

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