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on: 2010-07-09, 06:30:48 1 General / General Lounge / Re: AX 2010

Since you mentioned it, I and this other guy did try for Special no. 2 and got destroyed. And I thought I had experience with this in NYC, but that bowl was just poison. It's not so bad going down, but as soon as you let up, it's a real punch in the gut.

Ah, I've been wondering which one was the hottest: Phaal Curry vs. Special No. 2.  Maybe the cook somehow sensed that you won the Phaal Challenge so he made your ramen extra extra spicy  :o.  I wonder if the people at Orochan wore gas masks too...I'd like to take a picture of that... ;D
Nice to see the same ol' crowd and some new ones too at AX...even if it was just for two days for me.  Good ol' Mangagamer booth's becoming a bit of a landmark spot for all of us...talk about being close to the stage, we might as well be on stage hehehehe  ;D...

on: 2010-06-30, 21:57:33 2 General / General Lounge / Re: AX 2010

I'm finally set to go, although it's only for Saturday and Sunday. I'll take what I can get and I hope to see Aina Kase  and Rino again :). I hope to see everyone there! Who's up for some spicy Orochon Ramen? Pantsgoblin's gotta go for gold and eat special no. 2 :)

on: 2010-06-19, 16:55:57 3 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ MOMO-I NIGHT FEST 2010 June 19

Have fun at Las Vegas everybody! I won't be able to go unfortunately :(. Let those UOs burn bright and keep the rest of us posted! :)

on: 2010-05-27, 05:12:56 4 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ Fanime May 28th - May 31st 2010

Have fun at Fanime, everybody!!  I wish I could be there...maybe next time.  I'll be on the lookout for video clips  ;D ;D

on: 2010-03-13, 02:53:18 5 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ Honolulu Festival 2010 March 12-14

To those who are going - Have Fun!!  ;D  I wish I can go to Hawaii...but I guess I'll have to settle for Chatmonchy for now....  :(

on: 2009-11-18, 05:41:23 6 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: Live Nico Broadcasts

Morning with Momoi and Manzo...that may just be enough to get me through the rest of the workday.  Now, if only I can wake up early enough...

on: 2009-11-18, 05:36:02 7 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: m.m.m FanClub 2009 yearly party

In addition, the Japanese "Momoist(Momoi fans)" is kind.
Don't you make friends at this opportunity?


I wish I can go, I've got to save more money next time.  I hear Christmas in Japan is pretty fun...New Year's too.

on: 2009-10-20, 03:54:05 8 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: Nagashima☆Jienotsu☆Youichiro Fight

hehe, that happens to me every now and then (the hallucination and the lost thread)  ;D...

Never thought that my mma interest (go Fedor!) would cross-over with Momoi fandom...and yet, here it is.  I hope Jienotsu gets to fight in the U.S. at some point.  It would open up a lot of opportunities for him, especially if he does well.  Best bet would probably be through an EliteXC partnership with K-1.  They already have a partnership with Dream so I'm crossing my fingers.  In the meanwhile, I hope my bar's showing that fight... :)

on: 2009-10-12, 02:01:26 9 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi Halko Live Tour 2009, "No Answer, No Live !!"

So as I get ready to sleep (as I'm pretty much dead at this point), I can cross one song off my list of songs I would like to see live (Space Love. With her big keytar!).

It's been quite a different experience to be at a Japanese live...they can get pretty crazy with their otagei and assorted madness...and this was before the concert started. :P

Seriously, though, to use a sports phrase (as I'm apt to do), I left it all on the field. Now, I'll see if I can sleep through the night for once.

Dude, were there any calls / otagei etc. when she performed Space Love?  I'm curious to know coz it's one of her rarer and edgier songs.  That is such a rare gem to see live...that and Ichigo Go! Go! makes the trip worthwhile in my book:).  And forget about the small red Yamaha I'm used to seeing, she brings out the big guns in Japan! ;D

Such a crazy and busy trip for all of you.  Maybe a short trip to the onsen to relax is in order  ;)...

on: 2009-09-26, 23:16:01 10 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ Expo Comic Poder Joven/Mexico City : August 1st


lol go after your fiance first...he probably wouldn't mind some soft clubbing... ;) ;D

on: 2009-09-22, 01:48:00 11 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ Expo Comic Poder Joven/Mexico City : August 1st

On a somewhat personal (and lighter) note, if that Hello!Wota dude wants to get me in trouble for doing the wrong moves onstage at Fanime, well...I'd rather be punished in this way ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPZn9FBdBJY&feature=player_embedded
(at about 0:42 onwards)...with a cute girl and a foam bat to boot!  ;D

Ah, Dokuro-chan...why must you be so harsh to us wotas?  ;)

What's amazing is that they all did their otagei from start to finish in spite of the chaos.  Now that's awesome ;D...

on: 2009-09-15, 02:28:32 12 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi at AyaCon 09: Aug 14-16

I'm a little late in posting this (should've been paying more attention to those youtube videos), but those are some nice sticks you got there Lampshade and Matt!  ;) ;D


Notice how Lampshade got the red-tip and Matt got the blue-tip.  My H!P homework paid off!  ;D ;D

on: 2009-09-11, 02:10:24 13 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: Fanime Con videos are going up now!

Guess what I found! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0LGMsOTIMY&feature=related

I think I was a little flustered by the otagei... but it made it so much fun! I didn't mind not making it to the second round but I hope I didn't let anyone down. ^ ^; I can't believe I messed up the lyrics so bad. I even knew I was saying the wrong thing when I was doing it.ighfjhsjfdg

That is so cool!!  ;D

I regret not being there on the first day  :(...

on: 2009-09-11, 02:06:00 14 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi at Anime Vegas

Took a few pics but flickr doesn't give you much space to work with even if I delete. stopped me while I was uploading. WTH! >:( Gotta go pro  :-\ 

Thanks for the pic that you took of me with Momoi!  That's my first pic with her...veryvery special  ;D ;D

And aw man, I am so sorry for the pic I took of the three of you, Bisuko  :(.  I had no idea Momoi was sorta looking the other way when I clicked it.  I'll definitely make it up to you and your fiance.  And I owe you for the great pics you took too!  How about I give you some Turbo Tubes...will that do?  ;)  I think there's a Walgreens close by here  ;D...   

on: 2009-09-10, 02:41:28 15 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi Halko Live Tour 2009, "No Answer, No Live !!"

Oh boy, I really can't wait until the start of this.

And I hope you all will have the time of your lives there!

Roughly just a month away... ;D
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