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Topics - EdOfNoName

on: 2015-08-25, 03:25:04 1 Halko Momoi / Halko Library / towel, CD, folder&photos and DVD in Global Shop

There are new goods in the Global Shop this month: "15th year of Summer" sports towel, "Majokko Tsukune-chan janai" CD, "Momo-i&NOZOMI" clear file folder & 5 Photos, and "ZIPANG! Concert at CLUB CITTA" DVD. (Previously there may have been an issue with using PayPal with the new website, but PayPal is working now.) http://global.rg-music.com/momoi/category/shop/

on: 2013-05-30, 03:28:48 2 General / General Lounge / Wotagei in Northern CA

Here's some us doing wotagei wearing familiar T-shirts at Fanimaid Live!  I wasn't going to turn down a chance to dance up front just because I hadn't yet learned the all moves this groups does.


on: 2011-03-20, 20:51:27 3 General / General Lounge / Maid Experience Charity Show - Pray for Japan

Since no one else has posted about this yet, I thought I pass along the following for the few people in the greater San Jose, California area...

Join Akihabara style maids at for games, Brazilian food and a live music show. Held for lunch or dinner on Sunday 3/27 at a Sunnyvale restaurant. Money raised will go the Japanese Red Cross.

on: 2011-01-27, 04:03:00 4 General / General Lounge / Anisama in Shanghai

I'm curious if anyone is going to "Anisama in Shanghai-Only One-" http://pc.animelo.jp/shanghai/ on Feb 19, 2011?  I'm considering it. Any hints (or dire warnings) about getting tickets, what else to do that weekend or Shanghai travel in general are welcome.
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