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on: 2012-01-14, 19:13:27 1 Announcements / Notice Board / [Re-enabled] Registration disabled

It seems the verification methods for new members has been defeated so we're getting quite a bit of registration spam. May need a forums version upgrade or patch.

In the meantime, registration is disabled. If you are a real person who wants to register, mail one of the admins and we'll set you up.

on: 2009-04-18, 15:16:26 2 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / m.m.m. Official Momoi Fanclub

What is m.m.m.
m.m.m. is the official fan club managed by Momoi's office, Right Gauge.
This fan board is not associated with them in any way and is not responsible for anything related to your actual fanclub membership.

Note: For any email addresses shown in these instructions, replace # with @

What do I get for joining?
Membership card with your name handwritten by Momoi.
Periodical m.m.m. newsletter (usually in Japanese, but sometimes in English for big announcements)
Priority for ticket purchases
Participation in fan club events, tours, vacation packages
Special access to RightGauge website's exclusive reports

Fans also occasionally receive bonus gifts in the mail such as a yearly photo calendar but this is not guaranteed.

How much does it cost?
The initiation fee is 1500 yen and membership fees are 5000 yen per year.

How do I sign up?

Right Gauge has a guide posted for foreign m.m.m. applications.

Step 1. Draft email to "info#right-gauge.jp"
Subject: Application for admission "m.m.m.
Email body
: Full name
: Shipping address
: Zip-code
: E-mail address
: Remittance day

Hold onto it until you have completed your payment

Step 2. There are now two methods to paying: Paypal or International money order. Please choose one of the two methods.

2-a. Paypal method
   This one is easy. If you a PayPal account, you can use it to send a payment of 6500yen to "info#right-gauge.jp"

2-b. Money Order method
   Buy an international direct money order to Japan for 6500 yen (about $65) and send it to the following address. Paying in USD and EUR is fine based on experience if you cannot buy in JPY directly. Just apply the FX rate plus 3% to 4%.

      1-38-7-306, Akatsutsumi,
      Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
      ZIP code:156-0044
      Right Gauge Co.,Ltd.

Put your name on it and such and mail it out. Wait 1 - 3 weeks depending on what kind of shipping you used for your payment to arrive.

Step 3. Send the membership email.

Step 4. If accepted, Right Gauge will reply to you with your membership number. You are now an official member at this point. They will send you your membership card, and depending on the time of year, some bonus gifts. It could take a while since they have to get Momoi to write your name down.

Step 5. Post here so we can welcome you and give you a little forums bonus too (m.m.m. icon under your name ;) )

How do I renew membership?
Right Gauge will email you on the month that your membership ends with a reminder to renew. Just send them 5000 yen using the same method you used in Step 2, and include your membership number as a note in your payment.

Help! I lost my card!
You can email info#right-gauge.jp for a replacement. New card fee is 1000 yen and yes, Momoi will still write your name for replacements.

Can I join in person at Momoi's overseas events?
Most of the Canadian fans signed up directly at Momoi's merchandise table during Anime North and paid in Canadian dollars. And at least 3 people here on this board joined on very short notice, just scribbling their info on scraps of paper when meeting RG staff at restaurants or in the hallways.
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