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on: 2009-06-17, 06:44:26 1 General / General Lounge / AX 2009

Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this, so admins, please feel free to move / delete / etc. this.

Looks like we might have enough Momoists going to Anime Expo 2009 for the Morning Musume concert, etc.  So far, I think Nekorin, tomoyo, Insanelampshade, Matt_D. and myself are going.  Tenton's a maybe (hope you can make it dude...Friday at least  ;D).  I'll send you all my phone number so you can call if you wanna hang out and stuff  ;D...

If there's anyone else going, we'd like to know!  I used to live in SoCal so I know my way around there a bit.  Plus, my mom says I'm cool  ;D...

on: 2009-05-29, 06:19:08 2 General / Listening Room / Space Love Romaji Lyrics

I need a little help...

Hearing about PetiteFool and Nekorin's karaoke performances, and of course, Momoi's legendary Musicfest show convinced me to do a Momoi song at Acoustikaraoke at AX 2009.  I tried Space Love today and I think I could pull it off although it's a bit straining on the vocals.

The thing is, I was humming the song for the most part because I couldn't find any Romaji lyrics to Space Love.  I tried searching online to no avail.  If anyone can help me find the Romaji lyrics that would be awesome.  Otherwise, I might have to just play it by ear and end up with inaccurate pronunciations.  :-[

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