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on: 2013-04-21, 05:55:57 1 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: 桃井はるこ x haraKIRI Silver Necklace

Got mine from the post office yesterday as well :)

on: 2013-04-14, 08:56:27 2 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: 桃井はるこ x haraKIRI Silver Necklace

I haven't seen any shipping confirmation on my side yet. Did you get any emails or it just showed up without warning?

on: 2013-02-14, 06:39:22 3 General / Listening Room / Re: What You're Listening To

It seems like she was a former underground idol before she moved. Her 2010 era shows are idol collaboration events at venues like Kagurazaka Explosion

on: 2013-02-13, 17:14:16 4 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: 桃井はるこ x haraKIRI Silver Necklace

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━━ !!!!!

Thanks for the heads up. Picked up the 500mm version

on: 2012-12-20, 16:55:19 5 General / General Lounge / Re: We'll be participating in Nico Namaket Girls 2! ☆

Congrats on getting selected. Good luck

on: 2012-12-20, 16:50:23 6 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: 桃井はるこ x haraKIRI Silver Necklace

Gemstone is cubic zirconia.

on: 2012-12-14, 06:06:53 7 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: 桃井はるこ x haraKIRI Silver Necklace

I just tried checking out but it looks like the website is accepting bank transfer only, so proxy shipping option is not viable. Will have to wait for RG and haraKIRI to respond then.

on: 2012-12-13, 15:11:00 8 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: 桃井はるこ x haraKIRI Silver Necklace

Did you hear back from RG? I might just go through Tenso since their commission is pretty low.

on: 2012-09-12, 19:07:44 9 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: Momoi's absence from twitter

Btw for what it's worth, this guy has only done minor roles but he did play the MC in Magikano which is like my favorite comedy anime EVER. It actually rewatched only last year and it still holds up to this day. That fact permanently makes him cool.

on: 2012-09-04, 11:22:17 10 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi Halko one-man live "あんぎゃ ~モモーイ世界の旅~"

Details have been updated for several more tour dates. The FC entry deadline is 9/11.


・11/16(金) 18:00開場/18:30開演  秋田 クラブスウィンドル
・11/17(土) 15:30開場/16:00開演  盛岡 Club Change WAVE
・11/18(日) 16:00開場/16:30開演  米沢 LIVE ARB
・11/24(土) 16:30開場/17:00開演  福岡 ビブレホール
・11/25(日) 16:00開場/16:30開演  神戸 ウィンターランド
・11/30(金) 17:30開場/18:00開演  福井 CHOP
・12/1(土) 15:30開場/16:00開演  広島 CAVE BE
・12/2(日) 15:30開場/16:00開演  豊橋 KNOT

There are two good stretches where you can cram 3 concerts for 3 days in a row. These go through some pretty scenic areas too. Akita, Morioka, Yonezawa, cutting through vast tracks of rural land up north, and Fukui, Hiroshima, and Toyohashi further southwest. The latter also gives you a chance to hit up Toyosato (if you're into K-On) which is really really close by. Fukuoka to Kobe back to back is a bit tougher but they are the big cities.

on: 2012-05-31, 16:53:16 11 General / Listening Room / Re: Akibaranger Theme Song

After hearing the news, last night I marathoned all the episodes out so far and am suffering at work now. Running on 2 hrs of sleep. Akibaranger does indeed own though.

on: 2012-05-03, 15:25:31 12 Halko Momoi / Momoist Lounge / Re: m.m.m. Official Momoi Fanclub

They'll still honor #3 as long as you email them. Gin and I have used it a number of times to score handwritten tickets even when we couldn't use the website.

on: 2012-03-31, 22:16:34 13 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ AnimeBoston2012 April 6-8

Ichigo! Go! Go!, normally 1% chance, but because Paranda can't be at AB, it'll be 10%

You're so evil! ;D

He'd be the first to tell you the percentages shoot way up for this.

I was gonna complain about how unfeasible it was to fly from India to AB and back just for one weekend, but then I realized people from Japan are already doing that exact same thing. Truly, I am not hardcore enough. I bow to the masters

on: 2012-03-31, 22:14:36 14 General / Listening Room / Re: Akibaranger Theme Song

Wait, did she actually sing with Kageyama? I would probably die from being overwhelmed! :D
There are also some segments where they both sing famous cover songs together. Like GaoGaiGar theme where you can even hear Momoi yell "Dividing Driver"

on: 2012-03-13, 16:26:09 15 Halko Momoi / Event Stage / Re: Momoi @ AnimeBoston2012 April 6-8

Yeah just clapping and cheering is good enough. With that said, if you are planning to do the actual calls though, it's a good to learn them beforehand from youtube videos for one main reason - following the crowd is good, but if you never did any calls of any kind before, trying to copy in real time WILL distract you, and you could wind up watching the guy in front of you more than the singer on stage
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