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Title: Where can I buy or find info on trading figures? (ANSWERRED, NEVER MIND)
Post by: Nekorin on 2009-07-05, 03:14:44
I don't do alot of figure collecting, (prefer to spend what money I do have on actual media) but there are two I really want. I want the Puchi Eva chibi Kensuke and Tohji trading figures. I don't know what series they're in so I need to look that up. I don't know if I can buy them individually, plus they're in those boxes where it could be any random one of five so I'm not sure what to do about buying them.

I'll try asking in other places if I don't get help here, but I thought you guys might be people to ask.

EDIT: Wonder if this should have gone on the already existing figure thread... but I can't delete it now so...

EDIT: Found out, but now I have a new question I'll ask on the figure collection thread.