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Title: Stay Gold
Post by: Nekorin on 2015-10-09, 20:46:00
This forum was down when I got the cdjapan email some time ago, but is everyone hype for the upcoming album?
Title: Re: Stay Gold
Post by: mandi on 2015-10-11, 19:33:36
if people wanna hear previews, you can hear some from every track on the tokyo torico site:

i'm glad kaito (kite) will finally get put on a CD. (i think it's been 2 years since she first sang it?)

most of the songs will seem totally new unless you've been going to her concerts or watching her show on wallop. personally besides カイト i like ツキにむかって、うて! too.

she has several in-store events and concerts coming up to the promote the album..... all on weekdays :P sucks for those of us with weekday jobs! oh well!
Title: Re: Stay Gold
Post by: Nekorin on 2015-11-27, 06:43:29
Kite was my favorite from the album. Two of the songs were previously on a single that I picked up at her Anison concert, Live a Happy Life.