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Title: Goodbye
Post by: 8BB76E1 on 2014-04-08, 15:27:40
Earlier this year, I experienced a little personal tragedy, which cost me a lot of life energy. Fortunately, I found someone who gave me a little bit of motivation to continue for some time. So, my current situation is a bit better, but still not very good. Maybe she will save me, but most likely I will just destroy her life together with mine. Right now, I have no idea how it may end up.

Anyway, I decided to end my participation in this community. Also, I will not be the m.m.m. member anymore. The czech fansite has been taken down. (not yet deleted, so if anyone wants any data, it's possible..)

I'm glad I could be here with you those few years. See you again, someday, somewhere.. Maybe..

Title: Re: Goodbye
Post by: mandi on 2014-04-11, 16:48:25
We hope to see you again soon, and I wish you well ;D Please stay in touch.
Title: Re: Goodbye
Post by: B-DASH on 2014-04-14, 23:20:35
Just read this! I'm sure you will be able to come back, and I hope we can meet at another event someday!